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Reboot Servings are foods your body loves

and with Whole Body Reboot, they’re a part of your everyday health.

We define ‘reboot servings’ as the amount of servings you are allowed within each macronutrient food group, with an emphasis on superfoods and the goal of clean eating. Since there is no scientific consensus on the definition of clean eating, I define a clean eater as someone whose diet consists of 80 to 90 percent whole foods, 80 to 90 percent cooking and preparing their foods from scratch, using minimally-processed foods and including superfoods in their diets.

Once your optimal deficit is calculated, Whole Body Reboot allocates the amount of food you can eat from each food group. You can use your reboot servings on whatever foods you want, though we reinforce superfoods into your daily diet. For instance, if you have six reboot servings of grains, you can eat oatmeal, brown rice, or quinoa, and if you have three reboot servings of fats, you can choose guacamole, nuts, or even some chocolate- . We’ll give you your reboot servings and help you decide which delicious foods are most optimal for your health.

Reboot servings are a great part of the Whole Body Reboot plan because we believe your favorite foods should be enjoyed and savored—all we do is hand them out and give tips on what some of the most optimal choices are within these food group servings.

carbohydrates carbohydrates


This group includes grains, starches, fruits, vegetables, milks and sugars. When it comes to carbs, we say “eat the rainbow” meaning, mix it up with as many colors and kinds of fruits, grains and veggies as you can find. Eating carbs is necessary for normal brain function and to provide fuel for exercise and various daily activities. Fiber carbohydrates help control cravings and hunger throughout the day.

proteins proteins


This group includes all meats and vegetable meats, like tofu, seitan and legumes. Here, we’ll educate you about lean and very lean meats so you can always make the best choice to maximize your weight loss. Protein protects your muscles from breaking down as you lose weight, helps keep your metabolism going and helps control hunger when eating less calories to lose weight.

fats carbohydrates


Contrary to popular opinion, you are allowed to eat fats on a diet. Just make sure to use your reboot servings to enjoy avocados, olive oil, nut butters and other heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory fats. Heart healthy fats can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and as they are anti-inflammatory, they can help prevent and relieve chronic pain and inflammation. Omega-3 and other polyunsaturated fats are part of a healthy meal plan.


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