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Whole Body Reboot

The peruvian superfoods diet to detoxify, energize, and supercharge fat loss

“Superfood” is not just a buzz-word or a passing vogue; it’s the integral component to leading a healthy lifestyle, a word many of us are recognizing by the minute. As these once obscure products find broader distribution and consumers have greater access, superfoods are finding their way into mainstream supermarkets, gradually becoming a staple to the American diet. The benefits of consuming Peruvian super foods are astonishing: from fighting cancer and reducing inflammation to boosting energy and enhancing memory – these foods have it all.


Peruvian superfoods help with health and weight loss

In his Peruvian superfoods diet, Villacorta provides simple yet thorough explanations of weight-loss, anti-aging, and disease-fighting concepts by using an appealing page layout displaying beautiful color photography, east-to-read bullet points, and sidebars summarizing each health benefit.

What makes Villacorta's book so enticing, aside from his mouth-watering recipes, is that he offers specific meal plans geared towards both men and women looking to lose weight and lead a healthier life. He has also created a 5-day Reboot Detox Plan follow by a custom 7-day meal plan for vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, and gluten-free diet preferences. By using the core principles from his first book, Eating Free, Villacorta proves to his readers that they can successfully follow a super-health weight-loss plan, easily gain the skill in cooking from scratch, dine with elegance, and reduce every-day stress.

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Whole Body Reboot plan for weight loss

peruvian power foods book peruvian power foods book

Peruvian Power Foods

18 Superfoods, 101 Recipes, and Anti-aging Secrets from the Amazon to the Andes

While superfoods have entered the health conversation in recent years, many people are unaware that some of the most powerful foods on the planet hail from Peru. Not only are these superfoods teeming with healing effects, they are also packed with flavor, transforming ordinary, everyday healthy meals into the extraordinary.

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Peruvian power foods benefits

Peruvian Power Foods introduces the top superfoods from the Andes to the Amazon and their myriad health benefits. Choosing from more than 100 recipes, you'll learn traditional and innovative dishes inspired by one of the most exciting cuisines today, celebrated by chefs around the globe. From super-quick smoothies and energy-packed breakfasts to sublime entrees, cocktails and more, you can satisfy your palate while eating for longevity and vitality. Indulge yourself with:

  • Breakfast granola made with lucuma, a tangy tropical fruit that helps balance high blood pressure.
  • Savory white bean hummus with sacha inchi, a powerful omega-3 for heart health and brain power.
  • Gluten-free morning muffins made with pichuberry, a cancer-fighting power fruit, glucose controller, and excellent source of Vitamin D.
  • Energy-boosting exercise shake made with maca, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant known as "Nature's Viagra" because it helps potency in men.
  • Decadent dessert truffles made with antioxidant cacao and camu camu, which packs a power dose of Vitamin C to boost immunity.

From Peru to your plate, this power food makeover will allow you to enjoy optimal health and optimal flavor one meal at a time.

“For thousands of years, Peruvian agricultural engineers have researched and cultivated countless foods that are today the basis of the global food chain: tubers, grains, corn, peppers, tomatoes, peanuts and more. But along the way, there were many other hidden treasures that remained undiscovered outside Peru. Besides offering delicious, exotic flavors, these powerful ingredients provide incredible nutritional and medicinal powers. Today, Manuel Villacorta and Jamie Shaw reveal the secrets of these magical foods, adding to the great repertoire of Peruvian foods that has always been shared with the world. I am delighted to recommend this book because readers will learn about the considerable health benefits, but also the practical and delicious ways to incorporate these foods into everyday cooking.” — Gastón Acurio — .
Gastón Acurio is a chef, writer, entrepreneur, and ambassador of Peruvian cuisine. He owns 28 restaurants around the world, including Astrid y Gastón, Panchita and La Mar. In 2013, Astrid y Gastón was awarded the #14 spot on the San Pellegrino list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants. He is author of 20 books, and host of the weekly TV show, La Aventura Culinaria. Acurio is credited with starting the gastronomical revolution in Peru.

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Eating Free

The Carb-Friendly Way to Lose Inches, Embrace Your Hunger, and Keep Weight Off for Good

In Eating Free, author Manuel Villacorta, RD, MS, CSSD, noted nutrition counselor and weight-loss expert, reveals why the prevailing wisdom on weight loss—low-calorie, no carbs, high-intensity exercise—sharply clashes with the facts of human biology and human nature, setting dieters up for failure, again and again. He offers a welcome alternative: a scientifically sound, sensible, effective, and truly pleasurable way of eating.

Meet Eating free

Yes, you can keep the carbs and lose the weight!

Eating Free sheds light on a little-known hormone, ghrelin, which controls our hunger (the need to eat), drives our appetite (the desire to eat), and works to manage our metabolism and ability to burn fat only when it is fed, regularly and well. To keep ghrelin and its power to provoke cravings in check, Manuel Villacorta advocates eating—beginning with breakfast, within an hour after waking, and then every three to four hours;

Eating Free also calls attention to the role of sleep in weight loss. Based on studies, ghrelin (and appetite) increases when sleep is reduced to four or five hours a night, from the ideal six to eight hours;

Eating Free urges dieters to welcome back carbs, a macronutrient needed to control ghrelin spikes. The average brain needs 130 grams of carbs per day to function optimally;

The Eating Free program achieves steady, sustainable weight loss—with an 84 percent success rate among Villacorta’s clients. (Other diets, on average, have an 85 percent failure rate!). Eating Free presents a “newtrition” combination for optimal fuel and quality weight loss: 45 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 25 percent fats;

Eating Free refutes the focus on grueling, daily exercise for weight loss. Research shows that losing weight is 80 percent nutrition and lifestyle. Plus, rigorous workouts cause ghrelin to spike, particularly in women;

Eating Free demonstrates that weight loss is about a whole balance of factors, including our stress levels. Cortisol production, due to everyday stress, can be a huge barrier for weight loss. Stress is toxic to our well-being, so self-care isn’t just a nice idea; it’s essential to effective weight loss;

Manuel Villacorta is on a mission to get Americans eating with elegance. Villacorta encourages everyone to eat the way his family dined in his native Peru—taking the time to savor all kinds of food, in moderate portions, and share the joy of eating with family and friends.

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