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Whole Body Reboot is a specialized system

Is based on the idea of respecting, nurturing, and optimizing your body’s best practices.

Now that you know the basis of Whole Body Reboot and what it can do for you, it’s time to understand the initial steps in creating your customized nutritional meal plan. Whole Body Reboot is science based approach that begins calculating your total energy expenditures to determine your optimal deficit to lose weight.

In order to create your custom meal plan, you’ll start by finding your optimal deficit, which is a caloric restriction. It is a reality of weight loss that you need to cut calories for success. You’ve got to eat less than you’re burning, period. But just cutting calories is not the answer, and this is not a calorie-counting plan. While you may be eating fewer calories than normal, you’ll have plenty of fuel for the energy you need to sustain your day and enough protein to prevent large amounts of muscle loss. You will find a sample meal plan for your diet preference, whether you are an omnivore, a vegetarian, vegan, or follow a gluten-free lifestyle.

Remember that you’ll need to join the Whole Body Reboot program online to get your personalized prescription. Once we have calculated your caloric optimal deficit, we will breakdown your calories using a ratio distribution of carbohydrate, protein, and fat and provide you with a guideline of food amounts to consume throughout the day. It’s a simple 4-step process to customize your plan and then you’ll be on your way.

Whole Body Reboot offers comprehensive online tools to ensure you stay on track and meet your health and weight loss goals as efficiently as possible. The program includes success trackers for your daily food and liquid intake, exercise tracker, as well as a hunger and mood scale. We provide you with motivational support and features such as daily health tips, recipes, and sample meal plan options, as well as a chance to ask nutrition questions through the way.

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